Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Testimonials By Past Participants:

Recent participants of a Sacred Journeys trek had the following to offer on their experience in Nepal:

"I met a wonderful collection of individuals of diverse background but each had his or her own fascinating story and perspective on life. It took me to a place of discovery by learning more about the core 'me' that was equally tough and facile. Above all it was a trip loaded with fun...”

- Fatima Ali

“To undertake a course in the Himalayas of Nepal is the most amazing experience. It was challenging but enormously rewarding. While walking amongst the breathtakingly beautiful mountains, you let go all of your everyday life of cars, traffic, computers, mobiles, TV and radios. This allows you to free your mind and the most powerful learning can take place I would highly recommend it to anyone, who seeks to go that extra step in knowing and developing themselves.”

- Baikie, Wick Consulting

Comments from past participants of Beth Yahp’s writing workshops:

"A very relaxed, enjoyable group that stunned me by also being so productive. Very little tension and writing exercises that were easy yet intensely involving. Beth has a very skilled approach to group work."

"Beth is an excellent tutor—patient, positive and the content and selection for the readers very inspiring."

"Helps me to open the little door of my brain that has never opened before."

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