Sunday, December 4, 2011

'My One Malaysia' hits the air and net waves

My and Brent Clough's radio documentary 'My One Malaysia' was broadcast on ABC Radio National's 360 Documentaries program on 3 December 2011. 

It was a long food-and-people focussed radio road trip, but we finally got there!

For those who missed the broadcast, it will be repeated this Wednesday 7 December at 1pm (576AM), or you can podcast it here:

1 Malaysia Billboard, Kuala Lumpur: “People First, Performance Now”

Summary: Malaysia is a Malay-Muslim majority nation, held up as a functioning and secular democracy that operates in tandem with Islamic law. Chinese, Indian and other ethnic minorities make up almost 40% of the population. 

As a 'true Malaysian'-one obsessed by food-Beth Yahp returned to travel around the country where she was born, to eat and talk and listen to her fellow Malaysians.

She thought she would be going home, but where is 'home' to citizens like her, second or third generation non-Malay Malaysians, who are still called 'migrants' and told to 'get out' if they don't like it? 

What Makes a True Malaysian: Iced Milo and kaya “coconut jam” on toast...

Intrigued by the latest government slogan of 'One Malaysia' proclaiming all Malaysians to be united and equal despite race or religion, Beth sets out on a road trip that takes her to often outlawed versions of Malaysia.

Main Puteri Healing Ritual, Kelantan: Abang Mat, the shaman, surrounded by musicians and onlookers.  

My One Malaysia is a journey through identity, food, memory and music in a country where government slogans and lived reality seldom match up.

Night Burgers: If still hungry, there’s always a Ramli burger stall open somewhere in KL, day or night

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